Students are unblocking YouTube at school with proxy websites!

unblock YouTube at schoolOur youth today is completely obsessed with YouTube. I mean what is there not to like. Lots of funny videos at your finger tips. However this can be a bit bad when they are attempting to learn in school.

Some of the smart kids have found sneaky ways to unblock YouTube. They are using something called a proxy server. They are known also as a fast youtube proxy service that everyone can use.

A proxy server allows you to bounce your traffic out to another server before it reaches the internet.

The way school filters work is by blocking websites. It can be extremely tough to block ALL proxies out there when more and more new ones are being created each day.

Some school administrators have even gone as far as to speculate that the students are creating them themselves!

“We have hear very many rumors that some of our most advanced students are aware of methods build their own sites and create open proxy server websites. They then go share them with all of the other classmates.” said one school systems administrator.

While this epidemic is not exactly the end of the world, do you think this is really causing a disruption in school? Should students really not be allowed any time to goof off during assignments? Let is know below! Also it appears the sites above used to get the word out about their site.

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